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02 October 2006

#22 Audiobooks

I created my account in NetLibrary, which was very simple, and began perusing the tousands of titles available. Wow - what a list. Pretty much everything I looked for was there. I liked that most of the titles had previews for you to listen to before you took the time to actually download the whole book. Yet again, I found I'm not a friend of the e-book. I once rented a book on tape - back before the CD revolution - for a long drive from South Carolina to Connecticut. I only got about 20 minutes into the tape, when I decided I better stop listening. I found the combination of driving and listening to someone's soothing voice just put me right to sleep. However, a friend of mine enjoys listening to her audiobooks while cleaning the house. She said it helps her stay awake and make better time with her cleaning perhaps I'll try that take on the audiobook?


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