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02 October 2006

#21 Podcast Schmodcast

So, I checked out the Yahoo Podcast site to try and find some interesting sites for podcasting. There, I found this Travel in 10 site where some guy podcasts neat travel finds. I listened/watched the one where he was in Bali, and now I must find some excuse to travel there. Perhaps there will be a grand library conference there soon!?

Next, I went on the hunt for interesting library podcastings. I stumbled upon "Who Said," a literature game. It seemed like a neat idea, but then I started listening to it, and the woman's voice almost put me to sleep. Not a good idea! I mosied on over to "Simon Says," the Simon & Schuster site where they said they'd have excerpts from new books, but the featured book was Brokeback Mountain - from 2005! Oh well - c'est la vie, I suppose.


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