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06 September 2006

#2 & #4 LIfelong Learning and Tracking

In honor of Life is Better with Commas' suggestion, I'm going to start numbering my "things" each week. And thanks to the suggestion, I realized I didn't technically blog about lifelong learning (#2).

So, as the child of a public school teacher and an employee of both the public library and the local community college, I have to be a fan of lifelong learning.

I'd say the easiest habit for me to keep up with is #7 - Teaching others and having fun. I started teaching in grad school, and it's true that you never stop learning once you start teaching. My students have taught me tons - one even keeps me updated on herself through her own blog -

The hardest habit would have to be #1 - Begin with the end in mind. It's too easy to get frustrated and say "forget this." It's easy though when you have something like an MP3 player to look forward to!


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