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14 September 2006

#15 Library 2.0

First, I read Rick Anderson's piece from called "Away from the iceburg." I have to agree with most of what he's saying. As in most professions, technology is changing the way libraries do business. I was surprised he bit the bullet and admitted that stockpiling print collections may be a thing of the past - good for him for acknowleging the inevitable. I think he summed it all up best when he wrote:
We have to be a bit more humble in the current environment, and find new ways to bring our services to patrons rather than insisting that they come to us—whether physically or virtually. At a minimum, this means placing library services and content in the user’s preferred environment (i.e., the Web); even better, it means integrating our services into their daily patterns of work, study and play.
Next, I admit, I couldn't "get into" any of the other people's schpeels about librarys and the future. So, I went to oclc's main page and saw that the founder had recently passed awawy. He was 92 years old and lived in Chapel Hill. What a forward thinking man he must have been. I saw that he developed WorldCat in 1971, and while I'm not exactly sure what that is, I think it must have been a bit ahead of its time in 1971! Wow!

It's nice to know there are such people in the library world!


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