Today's a Good Day

29 September 2006

#20 You too can YouTube!

I've seen YouTube before when friends have forwarded me e-mails with funny videos.
When I went this time, I checked out something called "Shamu Takes Out Kayak" - WOW. These Japanese people were filming fellow sea kyakers, when all of a sudden a HUGE killer whale pops out of the water and totally submerges one of the kayaks. What I like about YouTube is that I could then find a couple other videos of whales and kayakers very easily with the tags people used. So, I then watched two other videos with kayakers and whales....very fun stuff!

28 September 2006

#19 Web 2.0 Awards list

Whoa - that's a lot of Web sites to look through! It was nice to check out just the winners though. Of course, every category I was interested in didn't have any winners. It just said:
There were either not enough nominations or there was no clear leader to award winners in this category.
And that's fine with me. They did list some honorable mentions, which I looked at. I got hooked on some of the travel ones and started looking into safaris in Africa. How fun does this place look?

#18 Web-based aps

Well, I tried and loved Zoho Writer. I also tried to make it post on this blog, but it kept telling me it could connect with my blog. Well, that's not entirely true; it did connect once, but I uploaded the wrong file! Anyway...I enjoyed Zoho Writer a lot and will probably use it in the future.

27 September 2006

#17 Playing around with PBWiki

Hmmm, I suppose that could be fun. I like the idea of using it for event planning. I think it would be especially good for planning an event that includes people from more than one location - such as here at PLCMC. That way, everyone's voice could be heard. I'm not sure who could/would have to take charge of monitoring it though...that could definitely turn into a full-time job!

#16 Wiki-mania

Good gracious. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of wikis. I did stumble upon USC-Aiken's wiki, which of course, I found facinating. However, there's got to be a better way of getting those old photos and newspaper clippings posted online. I could barely read the tiny, tiny type.

14 September 2006

#15 Library 2.0

First, I read Rick Anderson's piece from called "Away from the iceburg." I have to agree with most of what he's saying. As in most professions, technology is changing the way libraries do business. I was surprised he bit the bullet and admitted that stockpiling print collections may be a thing of the past - good for him for acknowleging the inevitable. I think he summed it all up best when he wrote:
We have to be a bit more humble in the current environment, and find new ways to bring our services to patrons rather than insisting that they come to us—whether physically or virtually. At a minimum, this means placing library services and content in the user’s preferred environment (i.e., the Web); even better, it means integrating our services into their daily patterns of work, study and play.
Next, I admit, I couldn't "get into" any of the other people's schpeels about librarys and the future. So, I went to oclc's main page and saw that the founder had recently passed awawy. He was 92 years old and lived in Chapel Hill. What a forward thinking man he must have been. I saw that he developed WorldCat in 1971, and while I'm not exactly sure what that is, I think it must have been a bit ahead of its time in 1971! Wow!

It's nice to know there are such people in the library world!

#14 Technorati

So, I searched "learning 2.0" in the three different fields, and here's what I found:
  • 1,288 in blog posts
  • 61 in tags
  • 11 in blog directory
Very interesting.

So, I played around while I was there to see what else I might find. And I'm thinking the best way to describe Technorati to non-blog types like myself is to say it's like Google for blogs?? Is that right?

It can become quite addictive once you find something just keep clicking and clicking, and before you know it, you don't know where you are!

11 September 2006


Hmmm, again I'm not sure if I'd use, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's not a useful site. I clicked on a bunch of the PLCMC stuff and thought it was fun to see how many others had linkied to PLCMC stuff. Their "hotlist" on the homepage was kinda fun to look at too. I suppose I'm just not on the Web enough to actually have that many things to need to use this type of thing? And I'm OK with that! :)

#12 Searchrolls

Let's see if this works.... I think I made one for searching Gamecock sports?

I'm not sure I have done this correctly? I think I prefer the bloglines method of searching specific sites for information I like to know about regularly?

#11 Library Thing

What an interesting site. At first I was thinking, "why would you really need to use this site?" But then, as I dug in, I read other people's reviews of books and saw many other useful ideas for the site. I know what I finish a good book, I always want to read more books with a similar theme or tone. Since I'm not a librarian, I always have to take a guess at what I might like next. This site is an excellent place to find other books that I might enjoy. Quite fun!

#10 Image Generators

This one was pretty easy. I found plenty of examples online just by googling "image generators." I thought this glitter one was fun. Who doesn't love glitter? I'm glad to see people out there who know how to do this stuff are making it nice and simple for those of us out there who don't exactly know what's what! Thanks! - Glitter Graphics - Glitter Graphics

06 September 2006

#7 Technology

Ahhh technology. What has it given us? As a communications guru, I'd say it's given us bad grammar and bad spelling, and we've lost the practice of oral communication. Where's the eraser mess of yesterday? Where's the -50 on your senior essay for misspelling 10 words?

However, I must admit, I do love technology. How nice is it to see pictures of your friends who live 1,000 miles away on the same day they took the photo?

So, as with most things in life, you take the good with the bad, and hopefully, the good outweighs the bad nine times out of 10.

#6 More Flickr Fun

Now isn't this fun! I could spend all day typing in new words just to see what they look like!

B e A untitled H B u Oneletter M

#2 & #4 LIfelong Learning and Tracking

In honor of Life is Better with Commas' suggestion, I'm going to start numbering my "things" each week. And thanks to the suggestion, I realized I didn't technically blog about lifelong learning (#2).

So, as the child of a public school teacher and an employee of both the public library and the local community college, I have to be a fan of lifelong learning.

I'd say the easiest habit for me to keep up with is #7 - Teaching others and having fun. I started teaching in grad school, and it's true that you never stop learning once you start teaching. My students have taught me tons - one even keeps me updated on herself through her own blog -

The hardest habit would have to be #1 - Begin with the end in mind. It's too easy to get frustrated and say "forget this." It's easy though when you have something like an MP3 player to look forward to!