Today's a Good Day

28 August 2006

#8 & #9 RSS & Feeds

OK, so I've registered with a RSS reader....I'm crossing my fingers that I did it corectly. I'm most excited about getting ESPN's College Football RSS! The Gamecocks begin their season Thursday! Be sure to watch ESPN for full coverage!

With regard to #9, I'd like to share that ESPN's site was really great for finding setting up my bloglines account. I am only interested in college football, and I was afraid I'd have to sign up for a generic ESPN feed, but that was not so. ESPN's site has the little RSS links next to many headlines on the homepage. If you click on one, it gives you directions on how to choose which feed you'd like to receive - ie., college football only versus ALL football feeds. So, of course, I chose the college football's great!

With regard to college football, I hope everyone will wear their college colors Friday in support of College Colors Day.

22 August 2006

For the Library Lover

#5 Flickr

Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about Flickr. I suppose it's more for sharing and browsing other people's photos. I enjoy photos of people I know and/or that I've taken.

That being said though, it was fun to play with the color pickr. I found some fun photos that are what I would call "framers." I could envision decorating a whole room with color themed photos from that site. I mean, look how fun these pink trees are!

09 August 2006

#1 & #3 Discovery & Blog creation

So - today is a good day. Here, I begin my blog with PLCMC. What more could you ask for?